Wanda Nelson functional medicine health coach dental hygienist

Meet Wanda, an RDH & Functional Medicine Health Coach

Aug 23, 2023

Meet Wanda M. Nelson, RDH, MS, NBC-HWC from Danbury, Connecticut. She is a founding member of National Network of Healthcare Hygienists, a Certificate Holder in Oral Systemic Education, and a Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach offering functional medicine health and nutrition coaching.

Even though Wanda holds additional licenses in health coaching and insurance, she is still working clinically as an RDH. She loves explaining the oral-systemic connection to her patients, and finds a way to do so at nearly every appointment. The Oral Systemic Educator Certificate Program (OSECP) gave her the confidence she needed to talk to her own medical providers about oral-systemic health as well. 

Wanda dreams of autonomy for our profession and is always looking for correlations between disciplines. She enjoys offering a faith based take on wellness and plans to offer holistic mental health workshops at her church later this year. 

As a Health Coach, she is also a big believer in supplements. She talks to her patients about vitamins, minerals, probiotics, omega 3‘s, inflammation, and in general how to prevent disease, not just from the outside in (brushing and flossing) but from the inside out with their immune system. She thinks of herself as an investigator when it comes to determining why someone has inflammation in their mouth.

Recently, Wanda discussed the oral-systemic correlation on a Facebook interview that was also aired on public television! You can watch and share that interview HERE.

Learn more about Wanda and connect with her at https://wannasmilewellness.com/ 


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