Why do hygienists choose to join us?

  1. They LOVE being able to support the mission of integrating our profession into medical settings
  2. They want to feel more confident educating their patients and teams, and collaborating with medical providers
  3. They love our free on-demand course library
  4. NEW for 2024 - They like receiving special member rates & payments plans on our certificate programs (they save 20-40% on Lifetime Enrollment!)
  5. NEW for 2024 - They get the extra help they need in our workshops that address giving CE presentations, personal development, grant writing & more!
  6. They enjoy being part of a community of RDHs who think outside the box, and are thought-leaders in their communities; designing and launching new programs, speaking and presenting, educating medical providers, and working within multidisciplinary teams
  7. They LOVE the idea of hygienists specializing just like RNs do, and want to support us while we build certificate programs in every area of medicine that a hygienist could be an asset, and should be included as part of patient-centered care
  8. They feel aligned with our mission statement that "Every collaborative care team in North America will include an RDH on it by 2025."
  9. They know that to see change in our profession, it is up to each of us to do our part
  10. They want to save more lives, and expand the ways they are having an impact

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