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Strategic Plan 2024-2025

Executive Summary

National Network of Healthcare Hygienists (NNHH) is a 501c (3) professional support organization for Registered Dental Hygienists who have a desire to see oral health integrated into healthcare systems. We offer resources and certificate programs in areas of medicine to support RDHs working in integrated settings, educating teams and patients, developing oral systemic prevention programs, and consulting with healthcare systems.

Mission To prepare registered dental hygienists to work collaboratively with medical providers, in dental and medical settings, with up to date, unbiased, research based, high-level certificate programs, webinars, resources and networking opportunities.

Vision That all healthcare systems employ registered dental hygienists to work collaboratively on patient centered teams, and prevent oral-systemic disease through education, assessments, coaching, prevention, treatment and referrals to dental homes, working to the top of their scope of practice.

Values Integration, Collaboration, Elevation


Goal I–Achieve Accreditation with ANSI National Accreditation Board

Continue our preliminary application process to achieve full accreditation for both of our certificate programs, Oral Systemic Educator and Oncology, and be the first oral-systemic organization to do so in the world.

Goal II–Publish Version 2.0 of Oral Systemic Educator Certificate Program

Use gathered data to improve upon version 1.0 of our foundational program, and develop a toolkit to assist students and certificate holders as they complete their Capstone Projects and Practicums, educate medical providers, work collaboratively, and integrate into healthcare systems. Follow up with Version 1.0 certificate holders to find out how the program has impacted their clinical and non-clinical practice.

Goal III–Develop an Oncology Pilot Program

Develop an “RDH in Oncology” pilot program with the Oncology Certificate Program as the foundation, and a toolkit for cancer treatment facilities to ensure there are no gaps in learning, resources, or structure that would prevent an RDH from integrating seamlessly into an oncology setting, benefiting its patients, providers, and the system overall, saving money, improving patient satisfaction scores, and quality improvement.

Beyond 2025

  1. To create additional certificate programs enabling RDHs to specialize in various areas of medicine, working in dental settings, healthcare settings, or running their own businesses such as speaking, consulting, and coaching.
  2. To elevate the public's perception of who an RDH is: our education level, knowledge, passion and abilities.
  3. To support a doctorate level degree for RDHs so that we may govern ourselves and meet the current demands for qualified dental hygiene educators, integration into complex healthcare systems, and advanced research.