Lacy Walker RDH Healthcare Hygienist

Meet Lacy! An Integrative Hygienist & Educator living in Germany

Jan 05, 2024

Meet Healthcare Hygienist with Heart Lacy Walker, RDH, BS, CDA, MAADH, FAAOSH from Kaiserslautern Germany. She is a proud member of National Network of Healthcare Hygienists who joined because she wanted to connect, collaborate, communicate, and learn with and from like minded hygienists in the oral-systemic realm.

Lacy holds an RDH license in North Carolina, a Certificate in Oral Systemic Education from NNHH, a Fellowship with AAOSH, and is a member of the AADH. She has experience working in general and periodontal practices and a psychiatric hospital. She said their HR representative found her resume on Indeed and contacted her. After the interviews and viewing the facility, she knew it was the right fit, so for anyone out there “looking” for integrative hygiene positions, make sure your resume is available online.

As the spouse of a Retired SGM of over 20 years, Lacy is currently living in Germany and serving the military community for a dental support organization on Ramstein Air Force Base. 

Lacy said, “Of course, military families and veterans tug at my heart strings the most. I work part-time at the military installation and I create continuing education courses. I am also in collaboration with other companies who are in need of my services to include social media and course writing.”

The career of Lacy's dreams is to continue to provide oral systemic healthcare services to military families and veterans and to speak more; both nationally and internationally. She enjoys sharing information and educating patients and colleagues. Ideally, she would love to treat and educate patients without them having to worry financially.

As far as what she wants medical professionals to know, she said:

“Registered Dental Hygienists play a crucial role in maintaining oral health and preventing dental problems associated with systemic health. We are healthcare providers who endured years of didactic courses, not just how to clean someone's teeth. Dental hygienists assess patients' oral health, screen for diseases such as oral cancer, and take radiographs to identify potential issues. We are able to identify nutritional deficiencies in the oral cavity and are able to collaborate with other healthcare professionals to develop an optimal care plan for patients. We stay updated on the latest research, technologies, and techniques in dental hygiene to provide the best possible care to our patients. Our work goes beyond cleaning teeth and we are integral to the overall health care team.”

If you have a desire to learn and integrate the oral and systemic approach into practice to provide optimal care for patients, Lacy highly recommends and encourages RDHs to check out all the National Network of Healthcare Hygienists has to offer.

Connect with Lacy at [email protected] 

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