Donna Davis RDH, MEd Healthcare Hygienist, Certificate Holder Oral Systemic Education

Meet Donna Davis, a Healthcare Hygienist with Heart from Burleson, Texas

Nov 06, 2023

Meet Donna Davis, RDH, MEd from Burleson, Texas. She is a retired educator, clinical hygienist, Certificate Holder in Oral Systemic Education, and proud member of National Network of Healthcare Hygienists (NNHH).

Donna looks for collaborative opportunities whenever possible, and has an extra compassion for cancer patients and our elderly.  She asks  “Do you understand that your mouth affects your body and your body affects your mouth?” on her new patient intake form and says it is a great opening line that sparks risk factor conversations and really good questions. 

Donna is a retired educator who is passionate about creating a ripple effect in dentistry; teaching others so they pass that knowledge on. A friend recommended NNHH to her in a way that piqued her interest. Donna’s friend said, “The instructors at NNHH teach the way you teach and talk. I bet it would be a good fit.” Donna was intrigued and still regularly re-visits lectures and reviews information from the program. She loves having lifetime access so that she can continue to learn as research and evidence based practices expand.

“My mom has dementia & we had to work closely with doctors to keep her safe. My niece has cancer. With the help of NNHH and the Oral Systemic Educator Certificate Program modules on Dementia and Oncology, I have been able to stay ahead of possible oral problems for both of them! I’m also able to take my knowledge into my daily clinical setting and have a bigger impact.”

For her Capstone Project, she presented at an assisted living and memory care facility where her mom is living. She made it fun and interactive with goody bags and prizes. She said,

“The disparity in our aging population for dental care is scary and sad. I felt the need to earn the trust of administration through this presentation to take the next step of helping on a more clinical level later down the road. When individuals are accepted into an assisted living or memory care facility they are required to complete a very long entry form but it does not include oral health. I would enjoy being an individual that interviews and assesses residents for oral health, then connects them with the care they need.”

Her colleagues at Good Faith Dentistry were positive and supportive of her advancing her education in oral-systemic health, and come to her if they have questions so she can research it. Her patients have noticed too and tell her they appreciate the extra effort she’s putting in to educate them, and improve their overall health.

To hygienists considering the program Donna says, “Do it! You will learn something new and solidify what you already know, which boosts your confidence and when your passion spills out, people remember it.”

Connect with Donna at [email protected] 


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