Healthcare Hygienist with Heart

Meet Dawn Sisler, A Healthcare Hygienist with Heart

May 26, 2023

Meet Dawn S Sisler, LDN, BS a clinical dental hygienist in Indianapolis, Indiana and a proud member and student at National Network of Healthcare Hygienists (NNHH).

Dawn works at a general dental office, and collaborates with her patient’s medical providers as needed. She treats many people with complex health issues, such as immunosuppression, autoimmune disorders, and other chronic diseases who do not understand the link between their mouth and their overall health.

She enjoys educating her patients so much that she dreams of working in a hospital teaching patients and providers as an oral health educator and advocate. She is currently enrolled in our Oncology Certificate Program for RDHs to further her ability to advocate for one of our most vulnerable populations.

Dawn enrolled in our programs to increase her own knowledge and better provide for those in her care. She said,

“Most of my coworkers come to me to answer questions or get info on things. I can give more instruction and info now that I’d invested in this advanced education specifically for hygienists. I still get nervous collaborating, but knowing I have this info at my fingertips makes it so much easier!”

To anyone considering joining NNHH to have access to the Oral Systemic Educator Certificate Program she says, “Don’t wait! Anything that increases your knowledge base is beneficial to advancing your career.”

Connect with Dawn at [email protected]

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