Kari Brennan Healthcare Hygienist

Meet Kari A Healthcare Hygienist with Heart

Dec 16, 2022

Meet Kari! She is a clinical Healthcare Hygienist in the rural community of Meeker, Colorado. She is a proud member of National Network of Healthcare Hygienists (NNHH) and a direct access dental hygiene practice owner of White River Dental Hygiene, offering oral systemic education, prevention and treatment to families and individuals.

She joined NNHH because she loves public health and is passionate about integration. She welcomes referrals from local healthcare providers to care for their mutual patients. She is certified to apply Silver Diamine Fluoride and Interim Dental Restorations. She also has her local anesthesia certificate, so she is able to keep her patients comfortable during their appointments.

The demographic that tugs on her heart the most is kids. She loves how they just say what is on their mind without sugar-coating. She’s had kids tell her that her gloves taste “yucky,” and that they haven’t brushed in days. She’s also had kids who can’t wait to come to see her and bring her a great big hug upon arrival. She has so much fun with them.

Kari would love to get to the point that she’s so busy she needs to hire more hygienists. She dreams of a retirement where she can still be involved, running the office, but give her body a break.

She’d like the world to know that RDHs are well-rounded, well-educated clinicians, not teeth cleaners. She thinks from a perspective of “whole body health” when treating her patients and teaches them that their mouth is the gateway to the rest of their body. She feels medical/dental integration is THE key to whole body health.

If you are an RDH considering becoming a member of National Network of Healthcare Hygienists, Kari says, “Do it! I’ve been a proud member for nearly two years and love the vision we all share.”

Kari is accepting new patients. Visit www.wrdh.care to learn more or email her at [email protected]

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