About Us

Strategic Plan 2020-2021

National Network of Healthcare Hygienists (NNHH) is a 501c (3) group of registered dental hygienists (RDH) that reside in one of the 50 United States and have a desire to see oral systemic disease prevention formally integrated into medical systems. As a group, we believe our nation’s oral systemic health is suffering due to the current separation of dentistry and medicine. We intend to be the bridge between the medical and dental silos.

Vision Strives to be the recognized leader in providing total integration of registered dental hygienists within healthcare systems to improve overall systemic health and wellness in the United States.

Mission To connect and support the dental hygiene professional’s integration and collaboration with the medical field via resources, certifications, and networking.

Values Integration, Collaboration, Expansion, Community


Goal I--Create an Infrastructure

To create an interactive online platform that will serve as a website, allow marketing, house membership, allow networking, host the certification and courses we offer, and manage dues

Goal II--Increase Visibility and Membership

To establish a monthly revenue source that will allow us to expand our offerings and community

Goal III--Establish Alliances in Nursing and Medicine

To develop partnerships and collaborations with organizations that have similar mission statements

Goal IV--Create a Fundamental Certification

To define the role of an oral systemic educator, and create a training that will formally bridge medicine and oral health

Goal V--Create Committees

Each committee chair will have one main goal they are working toward, and give an update to the board monthly. They have the authority to create their own committee structure and meeting structure. 

Beyond 2021

  • That every healthcare system in the United States includes a Registered Dental Hygienist on their collaborative care team by the year 2025 
  • Assist with creation of new coding and billing systems, and legislative changes, as the need arises
  • To create certifications enabling oral health professionals to specialize in various medical disciplines